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How to Protect your folders and files in Pen drive and external hard disk.

We are worried about our important files and folders. We got an interesting way to protect our files and folders without using any software like bit locker or folder locker. it is safe and effective too. Click here to download load a .zip file. Unzip it and follow readme.txt file. It is simple. Hope this will enhance your knowledge about computer security.

Three awesome websites really exists

We want you people to visit these websites and feel the world of Internet and see the magic of computers. 1) Description: This website will show all the websites as stars in Internet universe. When you click on them it will show the website name and details. 2) Description: This website will show us the things that are smaller to us and larger to us on a scale and by moving the scroll-bar

Convert multidimensional array in a single array

PHP or hypertext pre-processor. A server side scripting language. In current scenario PHP is a most used open source programming language. Many frameworks like codeigniter, Zend etc are based on it. According to trusted sources PHP is used by 82.7% of all the websites. I am also one of them who prefer PHP as a server side scripting language not just because it is simple and easy to understand but for two main things: It